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3009 Double Reflective Air² Kit

The REACH barrier™ Garage Door Insulation Kit uses REACH Bubble Insulation™ which is a Nylon layer co-extruded between two layers of durable and economical Reflective Polyethylene incasing two layers of 5/32” barrier bubble to create a radiant bubble insulation product.

REACH Bubble Insulation will retain its air much longer than competitive bubble products. Nylon is 100 times more resistant to the passage of air than polyethylene. This results in much more consistent RTM values.

Tests indicate that under a one pound psi load for four days, the competitive bubble can lose up to 35% of the air or thickness.

REACH Bubble Insulation will only lose 5% of it’s air thickness. REACH Bubble Insulation’s ability to retain its air longer means a better product for you.

REACH Bubble Insulation is also made of 20% recycled material resulting in a “greener” product.

REACH barrier™ benefits:

• Reduces radiant heat by up to 95%

• Reduces Heating and Cooling loss

• Saves you Energy and Money

• Easy to use and install

• Handling requires no special tools or protective clothing

• Requires no maintenance

• Meets new ASTM E84 and E2599 Fire codes

Price: $69.99 / Each

Each Kit Includes everything you need to put a REACH Radiant Barrier on a "standard" single car garage door (eight panel door)

• Eight (8) REACH Barrier™ Bubble
Insulation panels
• Permanent Bond two-sided
adhesive Tape
• Easy installation

NOTE: Items are not refundable
Approx Weight: 5.00 lb. / Each
Dimensions (LxWxH): 24.00 x 13.00 x 13.00 in.
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