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What is radiant barrier?


To understand why radiant barrier is such an effective insulator, you need to know the three modes of heat transfer and how they work.


Heat travels by a mixture of conduction, convection, and radiation.

Fiberglass, cellulose and foam (typical insulators) are all designed to stop the flow of convective and conductive heat.


Although each of these insulation types is effective, they are not designed to stop the flow of radiant heat.


Reach barrier reflective insulation technology products block up to 95% - 97% of radiant heat.  Providing a more comfortable and energy efficient living space.


Reach Barrier Products

REACH Radiant Barrier 48" x 250' roll

REACH Radiant Barrier™ 48" x 250' roll


Lighter and Stronger

REACH Barrier™ products are the only non-laminated products available on the market today. This means no product failures due to de-lamination. It also means they are LIGHTER and STRONGER than competing products.


Designed for the Long Haul

REACH Barrier™, is able to withstand the most aggressive environmental conditions (high heat and humidity) – ensuring that they maintain performance throughout the life of the installation.


Safety First

All REACH Barrier™ products have been engineered to comply with all safety and building code requirements.


REACH Barrier™ benefits:

·         Reduces radiant heat by up to 95%

·         Reduces Heating and Cooling loss

·         Saves you Energy and Money

·         Class-A Fire Rated

·         Highly Durable, Lasts Longer

·         95% Reflective (< 0.05 Emissivity)

·         Stronger & Lighter Weight

·         Higher Quality & Lower Cost

·        100% MADE IN THE USA

·        100% RECYCLABLE

Price: $229.99


Reach Barrier's 3016 Water Heater Insulation Kit
Reach Barrier's 3016 Water Heater Insulation Kit
Reach Barrier's 3016 Water Heater Insulation Kit
Price: $29.95

Silvertanium Reflective Insulation Roll (500 SqFt)
Silvertanium Reflective Insulation Roll (500 SqFt)
3559 Silvertanium Reflective Insulation Roll (500 Square Feet)
Price: $125.00

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