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REACH Radiant Barrier 48" x 250' roll

REACH Radiant Barrier™ 48" x 250' roll


Lighter and Stronger

REACH Barrier™ products are the only non-laminated products available on the market today. This means no product failures due to de-lamination. It also means they are LIGHTER and STRONGER than competing products.


Designed for the Long Haul

REACH Barrier™, is able to withstand the most aggressive environmental conditions (high heat and humidity) – ensuring that they maintain performance throughout the life of the installation.


Safety First

All REACH Barrier™ products have been engineered to comply with all safety and building code requirements.


REACH Barrier™ benefits:

·         Reduces radiant heat by up to 95%

·         Reduces Heating and Cooling loss

·         Saves you Energy and Money

·         Class-A Fire Rated

·         Highly Durable, Lasts Longer

·         95% Reflective (< 0.05 Emissivity)

·         Stronger & Lighter Weight

·         Higher Quality & Lower Cost

·        100% MADE IN THE USA

·        100% RECYCLABLE

Price: $229.99 / Each


NOTE: Items are not refundable
Approx Weight: 21.50 lb. / Each
Dimensions (LxWxH): 48.00 x 5.75 x 5.75 in.
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